The IIoT is part of a larger concept known as the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT is a network of intelligent computers, devices, and objects that collect and share huge amounts of data.

An important distinction to make between the Internet of Things as applied to the consumer space—the self-replenishing fridges, the driverless cars, the control of your thermostat from your phone—and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The addition of that fourth letter alters the term to apply more to the concept of Smart Connected Operations within a plant or production facility to create products and services.

Cogni - SENSE Suite is a Software Products which uses Socket based / native codes for acquisition of Data from Connected components WITH OR WITHOUT ADDITIONAL HARDWARE (PLC) or SOFTWARE (OPC / Drivers)

Cogni - SENSE Suite provides means to controlling and monitoring your Plant Activities. And controlling and reducing your organization's production/fault identification/ rectification is important because it enables you to: Reduce costs, Maximum Productivity, Less down time, Time saving and many more.

Our Cogni - SENSE Suite

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Why Cogni - SENSE Suite

Points View>

View details on every single point in the system, along with the logic, calculations, alarms, detected faults and visualizations relevant to that point.

Analysis & Reporting

Cogni - SENSE Suite offers a number of different reports designed to help you better understand and predict how your facility works. Any report can be scheduled to run periodically and send out the results by Excel, Pdf or email.

Portfolio Manager

System can easily “stitch” together water, electrical and gas data from multiple buildings for EUI analysis, Analytics and much more (without using PLC also) .

Fault Detection & Notification

Identify and alert building engineers of problems as soon as they occur, or in many cases, even before & Also notify same to responsible person.


Leverage multiple security levels to help protect your data Multi-user and assignable roles to allow specific data access.


Cogni - SENSE Suite is a Window, Web, Cloud based application and can be Deployed as STAND ALONE or Client Server architecture

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence can be added based on requirement. Based on past critical events an algorithm can be developed to predict future breakdown and the same can be notify to responsible person or persons.

How Does Cogni - SENSE Suite Works

Installation So Far:

  • BALCO, Korba
  • IOCL, Barauni
  • IOCL, Digboi
  • Paradeep Port Trust, Paradeep
  • Orient Refectory, Rajasthan
  • Nuvocco, Sonadhi
  • Visa Steel, Jajpur
  • BEC Food, Bhilai
  • MRF Tyres, Medak
  • Sarda Energy and Minerals Limited, Raigarh

  • Sarda Energy and Minerals Limited, Vizag (Ongoing)
  • Stat Milk Products, Tarakeswar
  • Hindalco, Renukut
  • ISGEC, Haryana
  • ONGC, Chennai
  • Teesta Dam Project, Bangladesh
  • HZL, Rajasthan